Wednesday, September 3, 2008

IWE (Girl School)

IWE is a school for girls that teaches the first three years of high school (general subjects). The first pic shows an expansion they are building, using their own bricks! It's a lot cheaper to build when you make your own bricks!

The next two pics are a dormitory that they are in the process of building. They hope to house about 150 students, who have a difficult time commuting to school each day. We were told on more than one occasion that the way to build in Africa is to simply start building until you run out of money. It is not so much a lack of wisdom as it is a statement of faith that the money will eventually be there to complete the project.

We were told that someone from the States came and volunteered with them for a while. That person ended up bringing their family back and they were able to build one of the buildings, their desks and hooked them up with computers. ALARM has a tech guy come in once a week to teach computers to the girls.

- chris lahr
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